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Madison Alliance

MADISON ALLIANCE it is the innovative design&distribution company, which is performing commercial distribution of elite real estate objects in the form of boutique hotels worldwide. Associating its activity with the last engineering and design developments in the branch of construction of the commercial real estate, MADISON ALLIANCE successfully performs a mission of development of a new niche of realtor business in which are actively involved as classical ways of commercial activity in the real estate, and innovative developments, and own know-how of the company. At the same time, MADISON ALLIANCE is a powerful international community of free investors from around the world. The company unites within the activity investors with the most different levels of monetary participation, democratizing, thus, process of stake investment into purchasing of the elite real estate in the most different countries. We invest money in construction programs and we offer to consideration options for individual stake only real objects of the elite real estate. Apartments are given to lease of European-quality standard of furniture and household appliances. It is your property and the business, which makes a profit. Gaining the guaranteed income and monitoring process of the finishing in the online mode. Buying the real estate, we create the project of re-equipment of an object into the boutique hotel, then we develop a complex of the commercial and legal actions directed to formation of the lawful offer on providing alternative rent of available areas and we perform an active search of clients.

Eventually we do so that the bought real estate has brought for all stake participants profit according to the amounts which have been invested by them in this or that real estate object. Our most important advantage is that we have already created real estate objects which steadily make profit and which stand today more than 20 million dollars; Over the last 5 years we steadily created and strengthened the necessary business contacts worldwide and we have obtained the high reputation of the reliable business partner; This year we have registered the company in offshore Belize in order to in the most effective mode to make profit for investors and Alliance in general; And the most important point: You invest money in the real estate which already exists which will only rise in price over time and you own the right of redeem of your stake at any time. For more informatively to learn about our objects available to stake investing, and also in more detail study the working scheme of Alliance you can having read the “About Us” section.

Latest news

Expansion of the commercial offers 09-10-2017

Dear investors! Due to the increased growing in demand for stakes in the subject of investing located in Nice has started to be looked throughthe tendency of the increased dynamics of purchase of stakes in the aforesaid object. In this regard we have made...

Real estate prices in Miami 07-10-2017

Dear investors and visitors of the Alliance website!
We present to your attention some statistical data concerning real estate prices in Miami, USA.
As show the main world realtor indicators, for the last 6 months the price for 1 sq.m in Miami on ...

First results of cooperation 04-10-2017

Dear investors!
Today 10 days since that moment as the Alliance began to provide services in purchasing of stakes in objects of the commercial elite real estate of boutique hotels for not corporate investors online. It’s just beginning of our work, bu...

Starting point of an online activity 01-10-2017

Dear visitors and users of our website!
We present to your attention our online program which was designed to give opportunities of a stakes purchasing in objects of the commercial elite real estate of the boutique hotels, developing by MADISON ALLIAN...