Property investments


from $ 50 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 500,000,000Investments offers
Property investments


from $ 25 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 500,000,000Investments offers
Property investments


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Property investments


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Private policy


1.1 Personal data

This Policy shall apply to all personal data that you provide us with or we require you in the process of cooperation with Madison Alliance. “Personal data” means every information that is related to you and can be used explicitly or implicitly for identification of your personality – your name, email address, payment details and any additional informationthat can be obtained from such relevant data.

1.2 Your personal data collection

Every time you use our services or services provided by third parties, we collect your personal data on our website. However, the Madison Alliance company is not liable for using of your personal data by third parties (upon condition of such usage permission) for their own purposes. Please, read and understand the Privacy Policies for third parties to get additional information.

1.3 We collect and process the following data:

-information about you,

- information about the purchased services (provided by our company),

- data on usage of our website,

- information on your cooperation with our company.

1.4 Use of your personal data

We use your personal data:

- to help with the property acquisition on our website or our data centre (in this case the data includes all information about investor that was collected during the purchase of real estate: name, citizenship, gender, telephone number, e-mail address, credit or bank card details or the number of the payment system.)

- to interact with you (e.g. to send you reminder letters or notification emails about every emergency situations ) we use name and contact information for this purpose.

- to ensure the implementation of other administrative procedures (including keeping records and billing, conducting audits, verifying the authenticity of a credit or other payment card (system), taking anti-fraud measures (including using results from credit rating agencies and audits authenticity of payment cards), security, health care, administrative and legal procedures and activities related to verification, maintenance and development of the system) (for this purpose we can use any data that we collect about you, depending on the case).

2. Cookie and online technologies

2.1. As many other websites, our site can use the cookie and other technologies that help us to classify the webpage content in accordance with your preferences, as well as analyze the frequency of our services use. The cookie cannot be used for your personal data disclosure. When you visit the site, this information identifies only your browser, but not your personality. If you want to delete or block the cookie, you should change your browser settings (see the browser help menu). Also we can get your data with the help of "pixel tags", "web beacons", "clear GIF" files or similar tools (collectively referred to as "pixel tags") that help determine the time of visiting the site and analyze the way you interact with our email messages and advertising.

3. Changes to data

3.1. You can always contact us to check, change or correct your personal data content. We will use the first given data until you provide us with updated personal information.

3.2. While filling up the forms on this site you confirm that all provided data is correct and that you have not any restrictions on the business activity and you have the right to dispose the provided information, also you confirm the fact that the Madison Alliance company can collect and use your personal information in accordance with the rules and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

3.3. Madison Alliance uses the following organizational and technical measures against unauthorized access to personal data:

- designation of officials responsible for organization of personal data processing and protection;

- limitation of staff that is admitted to the personal data processing;

- providing the subjects with the requirements of federal legislation and regulatory documents on the personal data processing and protection;

- organization of accounting, storage and circulation of personal data storage devices;

- identification of threats to the personal data security during processing, the formation of threat models based on them;

- development of a personal data protection system based on the threat model;

- registration and recording of actions of users of personal data information systems;

- use of anti-virus and means of restoring the system of personal data protection;

- application of firewall, intrusion detection, security analysis and cryptographic protection of information in necessary cases.

4. Transparency

If this Privacy Policy is amended, we will be obliged to inform you about these changes on the website and provide public access to information about these changes. These changes will be valid as if they existed prior to your registration on our mailing list, provided that these changes are in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida (USA) and do not violate your rights.