Property investments


from $ 50 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 500,000,000Investments offers
Property investments


from $ 25 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 500,000,000Investments offers
Property investments


from $ 500 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 5,000,000Investments offers
Property investments


from $ 750 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 500,000,000Investments offers
Calculation of profit Madison alliance

Floors planning

Now you can study our offer on purchasing of stakes of an object of the commercial real estate, located in Miami, USA. As well as all other buildings in which we buy real estate objects, this building which no more than 15 years old and that is considered a new object and this is immutable rule of Alliance – to buy objects of the elite commercial real estate which age doesn’t exceed of 15 years from the moment of their construction. Here you can examine in detail layout of the object which is directly provided by Alliance for purchase of stakes and draw for yourself the corresponding conclusions at making decision about how many stakes do you want to redeem in this object. As a rule, the most part of an object is redeemed by large corporate investors. It is explained by conditions of providing controlling stakes of investments and commercial expediency of the investments placement into this or that real estate object. Large investors automatically acquire not only the right for a profit stake. After three years after introducing of an object in commercial operation, large corporate investors, or the individual investors who made the most part of investments in an object acquire the exclusive and prime right on redeem of certain part of the real estate, acquiring the property right directly for certain living rooms of this or that boutique hotel developed by Alliance. And it is very favorable to investors of any kind. Because at design, developing and commissioning of any object of the commercial real estate, MADISON ALLIANCE uses only best design ideas, always watches the trends, in an interior we consider the most important the “humanity”. The boutique hotel it is a place to which always want to come back. And it is more important than trends. We create rooms in which we would like to live themselves, in which would like to invite guests, in which could to raise our children and to wake up every mornings. The interior is defined not by such simple physical quantities as height and width. The interior it is your philosophy. He tells people about us, embodied by the leading architects, designers and engineers of Alliance and the involved profile high quality experts. As the result – an object of the commercial real estate in which money of investors was invested turns into world-class boutique hotel and the cost of one square meter of such real estate constantly grows, increasing investment attractiveness in this business.

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So, what is a boutique hotel? If to use the standard definition, then it is hotel, the design of each living room in which is unique and isn’t similar to design of any other living room in this hotel. Bright art images and a flow of the non-standard design decisions capable to create good mood for guests for whom have something to compare with, and desire of these guests to come back to already favourite hotel again and again. Exactly so the MADISON ALLIANCE would formulate more suitable, in our opinion, definition for boutique hotel. We do not spare money for design and technology solutions for formation of the maximum comfort and safety of guests. Because tourism is not only sights. It as well uniqueness, comfortableness and safety of the place in which you live, having visited this or that country. And as result of such approach – fast recoupment of investment and obtaining in property of an object of the elite commercial real estate which steadily makes profit from year to year, inspiring confidence in the future.

Company employees

Anatoly Veis Director
Malugin Kirill Executive Director
Alexis Dana Chief of the Financial Department
Gustav Lichtenweiter Chief engineer-designer
Bryantseva Victoria Director of the Department of Realtor Distribution