Property investments


from $ 100 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 500,000,000Investments offers
Property investments


from $ 250 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 5,000,000Investments offers
Property investments


from $ 700 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 500,000,000Investments offers


Expansion of the commercial offers

Dear investors! Due to the increased growing in demand for stakes in the subject of investing located in Nice has started to be looked throughthe tendency of the increased dynamics of purchase of stakes in the aforesaid object. In this regard we have made the decision to reduce the stake provided for large corporate investors and to give expanded opportunities for individual investors within this expansion. Thus we managed to increase opportunities for purchase of stakes in Nice by individual investors by 7.8% of the possible in total. And this in essential degree expands investment opportunities of individual investors.
Our actions will be always directed to reduction of any dynamic loads to the investing process, and we will be able quickly and effectively to give new opportunities according to demand which is expressed by our dear investors.
Yours faithfully, MADISON ALLIANCE team.

Real estate prices in Miami

Dear investors and visitors of the Alliance website!
We present to your attention some statistical data concerning real estate prices in Miami, USA.
As show the main world realtor indicators, for the last 6 months the price for 1 sq.m in Miami on new objects of the commercial real estate (the objects which have been constructed no later than 2005) has grown by 139.74%. As increase in prices only increases demand and adds confidence in investing because is provided still big stability and reliability of primary investments into our object located in Miami!

We congratulate all investors who have bought stakes in Miami and we express confidence that real estate prices will continue to show the same steady positive tendency and dynamics of growing not only concerning the aforesaid subject to investment, but also concerning other our offers.
Yours faithfully, MADISON ALLIANCE team.

First results of cooperation

Dear investors!
Today 10 days since that moment as the Alliance began to provide services in purchasing of stakes in objects of the commercial elite real estate of boutique hotels for not corporate investors online. It’s just beginning of our work, but at the same time we would like to present to your attention some results of started cooperation already today as these results, in our opinion, are rather interesting. For example, for this period in the program of Alliance was entered by 16,485 investors, and at the same time active stakeholders more then 18,500 people in total today, who in total have invested over 3 million in the commercial real estate offered by us!
Good, very promising and perspective starting of cooperation!
We express the deep confidence that our cooperation will grow and developing only, bringing for all new positive emotions and positive experience from passive earnings in our program.
Yours faithfully, MADISON ALLIANCE team.

Starting point of an online activity

Dear visitors and users of our website!
We present to your attention our online program which was designed to give opportunities of a stakes purchasing in objects of the commercial elite real estate of the boutique hotels, developing by MADISON ALLIANCE company.
We guarantee high profitability from the bought stakes by each investor during all period of mutual cooperation, and also we offer additional ways of the income obtaining according to our Partner program.
Cooperation with the large operator of realtor distribution represented by MADISON ALLIANCE, will bring you stability and confidence in tomorrow, and the staff of Alliance, in turn, will use all possible efforts in order that our collaboration took place in the maximally comfortable and protected conditions of investing.
Yours faithfully, MADISON ALLIANCE team.