Property investments


from $ 50 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 500,000,000Investments offers
Property investments


from $ 25 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 500,000,000Investments offers
Property investments


from $ 500 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 5,000,000Investments offers
Property investments


from $ 750 for 1 square metre.summary amount of investments from $ 500,000,000Investments offers

Public offer

Conditions of services usage

According to the provision of the Offer to use the MADISON ALLIANCE company’s services which head office is located to Barton, Australian Capital Territory. 2600. Canberra. Australia (further the Company, Alliance, We, our) can any person (further the Investor, the Stakeholder) who reached adulthood under laws of the country of accommodation can (registration, residences, nationality), but at the same time the age of the Stakreholder shouldn’t be less than 18 years.


Subject of the Offer

Alliance gives an opportunity of voluntary redeem by the Investor of a certain number of the square meters of the commercial real estate presented in the form of offers on our website (further the Website) in the form of boutique hotels, expressed only in a money equivalent (further the Stake) with the subsequent guaranteed granting the corresponding profit on each Stake of the Investor, realized in the form of daily (on the working days) monetary payments with use of the Personal account of the Stakeholder located directly in the protected area of the Alliance Website.


Legal qualification

Buying the Stake, Investor doesn’t acquire the property right to the Stake. Investor acquires the right equivalent to enclosed funds of a reward (profit) which is generated owing to transfer of the Stake to lease to the third parties on the basis of the Lease contract between the Tenant (the sided third party) and the Alliance having the property right to the Stake.

Stakeholder has the right for prime and exclusive right on ransom of the Stake with the subsequent approach of the property right to the corresponding number of the square meters allocated in Subject to investment by this Stakeholder.


Basic provisions of purchasing of the Stake. Disposal of Stakes

Investor makes own investments in purchase of each Stake in the Object and automatically acquires the right for termless of monetary royalty in the form of percentage charges (profit on Rent of the Object) according to the Alliance offers.

Investments which have been made by the Stakeholder in Stake’s purchasing will be used is termless. Stakeholder can’t initiate process of the investing funds returning which he made in the Object, however can redeem the property right to Stake in the Object after 3 (three) years from the moment of Stake purchase and input of the Object in which it is bought by the Stake of Investor, in commercial usage (transfer of the Object by the Company to the third party to Lease).

Investor can buy the Stake, having used the Website of Alliance. For this purpose Investor has to register the Personal account of the Stakeholder and, using options of this account, to make purchase of the Stake.

Making registration of the Stakeholder Personal account, Investor confirms its full consent with these Rules, and also with sense and contents of all sections (content) of the Alliance Website in the form of "as is", without any free interpretation and/or additional reservations and conditions.

Ignoring of recommendations and/or conditions in content of the Website and/or this Offer can lead to cancellation of the Offer unilaterally with the subsequent written notice about of such cancellation fact.



Alliance guarantees profitability of process of purchasing of the Stake anyway on condition of observance by the Stakeholder of all points of these Rules.

Alliance guarantees to the Stakeholder not the revocable right for realization of the submitted right of repayment of the property right of the Stake by him within the terms established by this Offer.

Alliance guarantees the declared profitability against the bought Stake is termless or, in case of ransom of the property right to the Stake, until approach of the fact of ransom of the property right to the Stake by Investor.

Alliance guarantees that the price of the Stake which Investor has expressed desire to redeem in property will correspond to the market price to the purchasing moment.


The additional provisions regulated by Rules

Investor can register only one Personal account of the Stakeholder.

All mutual settlements are performs in USD and carried out with use of those payment service providers and means, using which the Investor bought Stakes.

Payments are performs daily, on the working days.

The minimum amount to payment makes $1, the maximum is $20,000.

Accruals according to the bought Stakes are performs daily, on the working days.

The payments make up to 24 hours without the commissions and additional payments.

Is possible usage of electronic payment systems Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Ok Pay , and also Stakes can be bought with using of ATM cards of Master Card and VISA.

Minimum cost of 1 (one) Stake is $100.

Validity period of the contract by Stake purchasing termless in the sense of separate returning of the investment amount.

For one transaction it is available to buy no more than 250 Stakes or to create up to 80 transactions, using the same offer of Alliance on purchasing of Stakes.

Stakeholder can buy up to 40 sq.m on each offer of Alliance.

The privilege of early ransom of the property right to the Stake at the request of the Stakeholder comes at total investment into Objects over $50,000.

Objects, available to purchasing of Stakes, today are located in the cities: Miami (USA), Nice (France), Batumi (Georgia).


Responsibility of the Stakeholder

Stakeholder is obliged to follow these Rules. In case of non-compliance with these Rules by the Stakeholder, the Company has the right to issue 2 (two) warnings to Investor. In case the Stakeholder hasn’t corrected a situation which has led to initiation of these 2 preventions, the Company can block the Personal account of the Stakeholder.



Responsibility of the Company

Company undertakes to observe this Offer strictly.

In case of non-execution of any point of this Offer by Alliance, Investor has the right to initiate the actions directed to restoration of "Status quo ante pactum" status.


Denial of responsibility

Company won’t fulfill its obligations when:

such performance is impossible in case of approach of the force majeur circumstances falling under Article 79 of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods as of 11.04.1980;

implementation of obligations is interfered by forces which are out of control of the Company;

Investor violates this Offer either otherwise intentionally or not intentionally interferes with performance of the obligations by the Company.


Settlement of disputes

All disputes which can arise between Investor and Alliance are resolved only by negotiations without intervention of the third parties before full settlement of a disputable situation taking into account interests of both parties.


Final provisions

This Offer has validity period, equivalent to the period validity of contract concerning any Stake of Investor in any Object.

We reserve the right to make changes both to the text of this Offer, and in the content of the Website.

We undertake to notify on all additions and changes which Alliance can (but it isn’t obligatory) to bring in these Rules or content of the Website.

Stakeholder, continuing to accept services and/or continuing to use the Website and/or continuing to get payments for the bought Stakes, confirms acceptance and a consent on all again added or changed points of these Offer and/or on all additions and/or changes in content of the Website.